Rebroadcast to Facebook

Step 1: Set up your input

Firstly you need to set up your input source.

Step 2: Go to the Facebook Live Producer

To add Facebook as an output, you'll need to get some details from Facebook first.

Go to

You need to go into the live producer, how you get there depends on if you want to stream to your personal page, or a facebook gaming for example.


On the Facebook homepage you should see a button labelled 'Live video', clicking that should take you to the Live Producer. Go to step 3.

Facebook Gaming

Go to the Facebook gaming tab on, and click on Video in the sidebar. From there you should see a button that says "Start Streaming". Clicking that should take you to the Creator Studio live dashboard.

Click on Set Up Live Stream, and you should be taken into the Live Producer. Go to step 3.

Step 3: Get your stream key

Once in the Live Producer you will need to select the stream key tab.

Make sure the "Use persistent stream key" option is enabled, to avoid needing to enter your stream key into Aircast every time you go live.

Copy the stream key from the field labelled Stream key under live stream setup

Step 4: Add the Facebook output on Aircast

Back over on Aircast, click Add Stream Output, and then select Facebook.

In the box that appeared, paste your stream key into the field labelled Stream Key.

Step 5: Start rebroadcasting

💡 You must go live on your input platform before starting your outputs.

Assuming you're live on your input, you should now be ready to start rebroadcasting. Simply click the little play icon.

Step 6: Go live on Facebook

The last step now is to just go live on Facebook! Make sure you've set up your title and visibility options, and then hit the big Go Live button in the bottom left.

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