Subscription not activating

There may be a few different reasons that your subscription is not showing as active after you have entered your payment details.

Your internet security is blocking some Aircast functions

We have had multiple instances of internet security software or routers blocking some vital calls the Aircast website uses to check if you have a subscription. The easiest way to rule this out is to open the Aircast website on your phone's browser (preferable whilst on mobile data). If you still do not have access on your phone, then it may be something else.

The payment was blocked or otherwise rejected

Sometimes, depending on your bank, it may appear that a payment was successful/has been taken but you don’t have access to Aircast. This can happen when you have entered incorrect details such as CVC. Sometimes your bank will accept small discrepancies whereas we have rules to deny payment in these instances to prevent fraud.

If this is the case then the payment will be pending on your account, but will be removed by your bank within a few days.

You can try again making sure to enter the correct card details, or try using a different payment method such as PayPal.

If the money has not been returned to your account within a few days, or you believe something else is going on, please contact and we can figure out whats wrong.

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