Start Simulcasting

Setting up Aircast might be a bit unfamiliar if you are used to other simulcasting solutions. This is because whilst most require changing your existing setup to point your stream towards them, something that can be difficult or even impossible to do on some systems, Aircast will download/stream from your existing platform, like Twitch. This makes it much simpler to restream using Aircast, and allows you to try out other platforms without changing your whole setup.

Follow these steps to get started with your first simulcast using Aircast:

Note: this guide assumes you have already signed up for an Aircast account.

Step 1: Login to your source platform

Select which platform you would like to be your source. This is the platform that you will be streaming directly to. This will take you to the platform's website to login and authorize Aircast.

Example view once authenticated with Twitch

If you chose Twitch, you can optionally configure your simulcast to automatically start when you go live on Twitch, you will need to also configure your outputs to do this (more on this later).

Step 2: Add a destination stream

Now you need to pick which platform(s) you would like Aircast to rebroadcast to. Start by clicking the "Add Stream Output" button.

A menu will open with a number of platforms you can choose to stream to.

If you want to stream to Facebook, or some other RTMP compatible destination then you will need to upgrade to Aircast Premium.

Select one of the platforms, for this example we will select YouTube.

A new output will be added to the page which you will need to configure.

You can give your output a name, for example your YouTube channel name, to help you remember where this output streams to. Then you must input the stream key for the platform. Where to find this is dependent on the platform, but if you get stuck feel free to ask in our community discord (

You can optionally configure this output to start up automatically when your source stream starts, assuming the source stream supports this option (only available with a Twitch source at the moment).

A fully configured YouTube destination

Assuming you did the above correctly, the warning sign should have turned into a play button.

Your first output is fully configured! Feel free to add any more you would like, but remember that you will only be able to start more than one at a time if you have Aircast Premium.

Step 3: Start your simulcast

If you configured auto-start, simply go live on Twitch and within a minute your output(s) should start!

If you didn't configure that then you still need to go live on your source platform, but will just need to click Start All, or click the play button on individual outputs to start simulcasting.

🎉 Congrats, you're live!

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